1953 Everest Connection

The Himalayan Trust is a direct legacy of the British 1953 Everest expedition that put Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay on the summit of Everest.

Without the support of the Sherpas, Everest wouldn’t have been climbed, and Sir Edmund wouldn’t have had half as much fun climbing in the Himalayas following Everest as well. It was Sir Edmund Hillary and his NZ companion George Lowe who first felt a compulsion to give something back to the Sherpas who had so enriched their lives. Sir Edmund Hillary’s vision led to the first support for the Everest region.

The Himalayan Trust UK was set up to support Sir Edmund Hillary’s work for the Sherpas in Nepal, in 1989. Lord Hunt, leader of the 1953 expedition, was patron of the Himalayan Trust UK until his death in 1998, and the Trust is proud to have maintained its Everest 1953 connection to this day. The two Georges – Lowe and Band – both Everest 1953 climbers, were actively involved from the start, with George Lowe, who sadly passed away on 20 March 2013, as inaugural chairman until September 2003, and George Band taking the helm as chairman until his death in the summer of 2011.

The Trust was delighted that Michael Westmacott, who played a key role pioneering and maintaining a route through the treacherous Khumbu Icefall in 1953, accepted an invitation to be a trustee, until he sadly passed away in 2012.

The Trust carried on with continuing involvement from the 1953 Everest family. George Lowe’s widow Mary continued her stoic work as secretary, and George Band’s widow Susan and John Hunt’s daughter Sue Leyden are dedicated trustees. George Band’s son Rupert joined the ranks of trustees ensuring that the Everest family continues to be represented. Unfortunately Susan Band died in April 2018.


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By Cheque:

Please make out to “Himalayan Trust UK” and post to: Geoff Wolstenholme, Hon. Treasurer, 54 Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 2GN

How Your Support Can Help

£20 will support
£50 will support
£100 will support
£1,000 will support

• Warm blanket for mother and baby
• Foot suction pump to clear babies’ breathing
• 25 Reading books
• Stationery for one child for a year

• Stretcher
• Nebuliser to help breathing
• Classroom furniture set for 3
• Week of teacher training

• Emergency transport for 2 patients
• An additional teacher for 2 weeks

• Equipment for a birthing centre including delivery bed, post natal care bed and oxygen supply
• 2 school laptops