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Case study: a journey to the world of medicine

Sanjay Rana Magar is studying for a MBBS at Patan Academy of Health Science, School of Medicine, Kathmandu.


During my study at Junbesi Secondary School located at Junbesi of Solukhumbu district, I had a dream of becoming a good doctor in future however which was not an easy dream to fulfill for me.  When I was at grade ten I just thought of passing SLC examination with good marks.  It was really a challenge for me but I studied well and tried really hard as a result I passed my SLC examination in 2008 from Junbesi Secondary School in first division with distinction securing 87.13% marks topping all the students in Solukhumbu district.


Then I came to capital city, Kathmandu for my further studies.  My parents were not able to pay for my higher studiees but the monthly scholarship provided by Himalayan Trust in class 11 and 12 really encouraged and motivated me for fulfilling my dream of studying Science though the amount was not sufficient in comparison to college expenses.  My SLC result helped me get full scholarship for studying +2 Science at Little Angels College, an English medium college situated at Hattiban in Lalitpur district.  After that the challenging and tough time of my life had started since I studied in community school in Nepali medium and studying Science in English medium was really hard and tough for me.  However I never lost my hope so I tried and laboured hard in study and finally managed to study in English medium.  I still remember those college days of me speaking broken English language with friends and teachers.  Consequently I completed my class 11 and 12 in Science securing 74.2% marks.


After completing Class 12 I wondered how I can achieve my dream of studying medicine beyond my parents’ unaffordable financial capacity.  I realised, to study in full paying category and getting government scholarship for studying MBBS was too difficult as there was tough competition for those limited government seats.  So, I decided to study Bachelor of Science (BSc) and applied for scholarship to Himalayan Trust.  Later I got the scholarship and joined BSc in Microbiology at Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus.  But I started my entrance preparation for MBBS simultaneously with BSc studies but publishing name in the merit list of government scholarship was too tough.  My parents always inspired and encouraged me in my path of fulfilling my dream.  Also respected Mr Ang Rita Sir and Mr Pasang Sir really encouraged me during visit to Himalayan Trust for receiving scholarship monthly.


Finally I applied for MBBS at Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) School of Medicine (SOM) at Lagankhel, Lalitpur.  After written entrance examination, result was published int he newspaper and I was happy as my name was also there in the list of candidates for an Admission OSCE.  And after taking admission OSCE final result was published and I got full scholarship for studying MBBS at PAHS-SOM and that day was the golden day of my life.


Now, I am studying MBBS at PAHS-SOM and also getting monthly scholarship from Himalayan Trust.  The monthly amount is not sufficient in comparison to living expenses but it is enough to be inspired and motivated really for achieving success in life.  Therefore, Himalayan Trust has become a milestone in the field of providing scholarship to deserving students and helping them for their successful steps in their life.


With thanks to the Himalayan Trust Nepal for permission to reprint this article from their Annual Report.