From being struck by blindness to becoming a teacher

“Becoming blind left me shocked and saddened: felling similar to that of a fall from a height. I met many blind people after my own incident and made many great friends. Many of these friends were artists, teachers, government workers and students, despite their disability. – This was a great source of motivation and encouragement for me. I decided to move past my blindness and try to continue further with my education learning to get admission into higher level academia but I was still low on financial aids.

Seeing my struggles, a friend from school recommended that I seek help from HT. With Himalayan Trust scholarships, I continued my studies from Intermediate up to M.A. My dream to continue my study was fulfilled and today I am a permanent government teacher at Chomalung Primary School in Kanku – 2, Solukhumbu.

Least but not least, I would like to thank all at HT for giving me such an opportunity; I would not be at the position I am today without somebody’s support. I always want to see my life in a positive light in spite of my visual impairment.”

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