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group of people learning biologyWe welcome your help with fundraising any amount. Money stretches a very long way in the Himalaya and even a modest donation can change a life.

Now that we have expanded our remit to cover both education and health in the Kanchenjunga area, along with our response to the damage caused by the earthquakes, we have realised that we require a corresponding expansion in our budget.  It is for this reason that we now seek to appoint a new trustee with fundraising experience to help to coordinate our activities. If you’re interested, please read the Fundraising Trustee Job Profile for a more detailed outline of our expectations of the new trustee and also of the rewards of this particular voluntary role.

We are very grateful to our supporters who have raised money for The Himalayan Trust through their independent fundraising events – why not raise money for us through a trek, a school event or a sponsored event?

In 2013 we had two runners in the London Marathon raising money for The Himalayan Trust. Together they raised about £1,700 for us which was a brilliant achievement. If you are running a marathon or are looking for a benefactor for any other (sporting) sponsored event, please get in touch.

If you want to contact us about a fundraising idea or have any questions about fundraising for us please contact enquiries@himalayantrust.co.uk