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About Us

‘To many western eyes, the Everest Region is a place of great beauty and high mountains to be climbed. For the Sherpas and other Nepalese who live there however, life has few privileges. Medicine and education are scarce, bridges and paths are often destroyed and forests upon which they depend are rapidly being depleted. Despite these hardships they are the most warm-hearted people I know. Any help you can provide will be important and gratefully received.’
Sir Edmund Hillary

With roots planted firmly in mountaineering – and the certain knowledge that few of us would have climbed the great Himalayan peaks without the loyal support of the region’s tough, courageous people – The Himalayan Trust UK has been working since 1989 to help the mountain people of Nepal. We still hold to the guiding principles laid down by Sir Edmund Hillary when he founded the Trust.

We are part of the global network. Our work is started with training teachers in Solukhumbu but has expanded to other areas and in the last six years has been working in the foothills of Kangchenjunga.

We need your help to continue and develop our work.