Reflecting Our Vision we strive to ensure that in all our dealings we are mindful of the responsibility our donors have entrusted to us and that those we support in Nepal expect of us. We bear that responsibility seriously and seek to provide transparency around our financial affairs as well as the relationships and support infrastructures in Nepal on which we depend. All the Trustees are volunteers ourselves and we incur minimal operating costs under deduction from the donations made, with the sizeable majority of all donations being allocated to the purposes of the Trust. We are small in number but with your support are able to make a significant difference.

If you have any questions relating to anything on this page please contact us at enquiries@himalayantrust.co.uk and we shall try to help as soon as possible.

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We adhere to the following policies and agreements:

Volunteer Policy and Agreement

On occasion, we will work with volunteers who wish to help in the support of the Trust’s vision. We welcome this support and will do our best to accommodate such ambitions. Our Volunteer Code of Conduct sets out the standards of behaviour that is expected of Himalayan Trust UK volunteers, not only by HTUK as a volunteer placement, but also by the In-Country Coordinators, the homestay families and providers of accommodation and, most importantly, the projects that we work with. We require any person who is looking to support us by undertaking any period in Nepal to sign our Volunteer Agreement.

Child Protection Code of Conduct

Occasionally, either the Trustees or our Volunteers may work with children. In addition, our local partner NGO’s will similarly find themselves working with children in schools, health clinics or just in day to day engagements.

We expect everyone to adhere to our Child Protection Code of Conduct. 

Partner Due Diligence

We work with several NGO’s in Nepal supporting our objectives and the vision of the Trust. We recognise that sometimes standards in emerging countries may not compare to those which we might expect. We take seriously the obligation to conduct due diligence and regular checks on both the financial expenditure as well as the internal governance of those NGO’s whom we work with. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this, please do feel free to contact us and we shall investigate.


Our policy regarding complaints received is to ensure that they are dealt with fairly and promptly. We view the process and transparency of having a complaints policy as furthering our accountability and drive to improve what we do.

We shall make every reasonable effort to investigate all the circumstances of any complaint. We will keep confidential the nature and circumstances of the complaint unless we believe it requires further escalation to authorities for any reasonable and legitimate reason. We will also report back to you as soon as we practicably can do so.

If you wish to make a complaint please do so by writing to Graham Wrigley, our Chairman, at chair@himalayantrust.co.uk

Get Involved

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