In the last 20 years we have

Povided training for over 750 teachers
Improved the quality of around six million lessons
Benefitting more than 20,000 children

Our Impact

Over the last three decades we have been working hard to improve the education of children in the remote villages where we work. We built classrooms and provided vital furniture and equipment, but in particular we have never forgotten the importance of the quality of the teaching and management of the schools.

In the last 20 years we have

>  Provided training for over 750 teachers
>  Which has improved the quality of around six million lessons
>  And so benefited the education of over 20,000 children by significant increases in pass rates

We started our work in Khumbu, but in 2007 we moved our focus to the poorer area of Taplejung, in the foothills of Kanchenjunga, and we now have a first generation in Taplejung who are literate, who benefit from a child friendly environment, who are allowed to express themselves in school and are encouraged to explore through education. The children want to go to school as they realise the door to escape poverty has been unlocked through the provision of better education.

Emulating the work of Sir Ed in Khumbu, we introduced our dedicated Health Programme in 2013 to the same Taplejung area to transform community health by encouraging healthier life styles and better use of the available medical care.  

We achieve this through working closely with our local partner NGO providing health education, community based emergency funds, the rebuild of a health post with birthing centre and scholarships for local women to train as midwives and health workers.

Multiple health projects are underway , but already the village leaders and healthcare professionals have reported significant improvements in the health of their communities that our funding has allowed us to reach so far.

Read our 2022 Annual Report to find out about the latest impact we have made with your support
There is plenty more work to be done in our current core projects of Health and Education and with your help we can do even more to help the mountain people of Nepal. You can Get Involved through fundraising for us, attending one of our events or to DONATE.

Emergency Relief

Building Back Better

Over the years we have been involved with various projects. Our biggest Emergency Relief project followed the devastating earthquake in 2015 – together with our New Zealand and Australian colleagues, we took on the extra task of completing the “Building Back Better” project across the affected areas, not just in Taplejung. 

We are extremely proud to be able to say that 166 classrooms have been rebuilt in 47 schools and around 7,500 students are enjoying being able to go back to school in much safer, earthquake resistant classrooms.

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Other Emergency Relief projects include

2011 Earthquake – No human casualties but  houses, public building and schools were badly damaged. Taplejung was particularly badly hit due to the epicentre being in the Northeastern part of Nepal on the border with India. Our contribution resulted in classrooms being constructed benefiting students and teachers.

Avalanche in 2014 – a big land slide and flood occurred in Kholkling and Libang in Taplejung killing 59 people including 16 Sherpa mountaineers.  One of the schools in our project area was badly damaged. Our financial contribution was two-fold; we supported the building of a new school in Tapethok benefiting students and the local communities, and we provided ongoing financial assistance to ensure that the children of the Sherpa mountaineers would be able to go on and receive a full education. See our blog to find out how some of those children are doing.

2015 fire damage – Fortunately there were no human casualties but 48 houses were totally damaged. We financially supported the work of the District Disaster Management Committee and REED to help the victims rebuild their houses and buy household needs.


Improving the quality of education, inspiring teaching staff through training as well as building schools and classrooms


Encouraging Nepal’s mountain people to lead healthier lives and to make better use of the available medical care

In their own words

Click on the images below to read how Himalayan Trust Scholars say we are making a difference to lives in the Himalaya.

I want to be a Teacher

“My name is Kamal Kumari Rai. I’m an obedient student hailing from an impoverished family residing in a rural area. Despite the successful completion of my SLC, from Janajagriti HS School, owing to the poor financial condition of my family, I faced problems in continuing my higher education. I applied for the Himalayan Trust scholarship....
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What I do with Scholarship Money

“I am Prakash Rai from Salleri. I passed SLC from Janajagri Higher Secondary School in Salleri. Studying in the 12th grade, coming from a financially weak family from a village. Because of my family’s financial situation, my parents were unable to afford the fees necessary for my higher education. Thankfully I was supported by the...
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From being struck by blindness to becoming a teacher

“Becoming blind left me shocked and saddened: felling similar to that of a fall from a height. I met many blind people after my own incident and made many great friends. Many of these friends were artists, teachers, government workers and students, despite their disability. – This was a great source of motivation and encouragement...
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If we work hard, nothing is impossible

“My name is Chhiring Yangji Sherpa. I am a student of grade 12 studying Science subject in Little Angels’ College situated in Hatibhan, Lalitput. I was born in Lukla which is one of the rural district of Nepal. As this is touristic place my family runs a small lodge as their occupation. I had grown...
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