Changes to our charitable structure

Over the coming months you will perhaps notice some changes to our website. After several years of work, and following a decision made in 2022 to initiate the change, the Board of Trustees voted in December to approve the change of legal structure of the charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation or “CIO”.

The Himalayan Trust UK CIO became operative on 1 January 2024 however the existing charity will continue to run alongside it until such time as a formal winding up and our final accounts completed. In practical terms you will notice no difference to your interactions with us although if you are a regular donor we shall be in contact with you regarding changes to our bank account.

This change has been made for a few reasons and has been done following consultation with our lawyers, and following application to and the approval of, The Charities Commission. The first, and main reason, is that the option of a CIO has been gaining more widespread adoption due to its corporate structure and the confidence it inspires in the eyes of major donors who tend to prefer the legal form of a CIO when considering making donations. It is a vehicle suited better to small and mid-size charities such as us. A second reason is that it provides a simplified operational model, including changes to trustees and execution of contracts. Finally, it also helps when we look to recruit new Trustees as under a CIO there is no personal liability for Trustees who like all Trustees work on an entirely voluntary basis.

It is important however to emphasise that the level of scrutiny from The Charities Commission and the expectation on Trustees stewardship of our charity remains of the highest order and as such one further change you will notice is greater visibility of our policies and procedures which will be more readily accessible on our website.

We shall be communicating with our regular donors to ensure that changes in bank account details are notified where appropriate. In due course we shall ‘switch over’ our website to the new CIO website which will reflect the new legal structure. The working name of the charity will remain The Himalayan Trust UK. The legal name is The Himalayan Trust CIO. The new Charity Number is 1205379.

If you have any questions please email governance@himalayantrust.co.uk

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How Your Support Can Help

The communities of Taplejung will appreciate any support you feel able to give.

Please consider to set-up a regular payment scheme. Click the amounts below to find out how your donations make a difference.

£20 will support
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  • Warm blanket for mother and baby
  • Foot suction pump to clear babies’ breathing
  • 25 Reading books
  • Stationery for one child for a year
  • Stretcher
  • Nebuliser to help breathing
  • Classroom furniture set for 3
  • Week of teacher training
  • Emergency transport for 2 patients
  • An additional teacher for 2 weeks
  • Equipment for a birthing centre including delivery bed, post natal care bed and oxygen supply
  • 2 school laptops